How to get Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate Investment in Turkey?

February 20, 2024

Launched in 2017, foreign investors and their families have the chance to obtain the Turkish passport and its privileges in a three to five months period. The Turkish Citizenship program proves to be more affordable and advantageous than other citizenship programs in Europe. 

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Process for Applying Turkish Passporty by Buying Property:

The process requires buyer to invest minimum 400,000 USD worth of Real Estate. 

Here is a simplified step-by-step on how to make your Real Estate investment by obtaining Turkish Citizenship: 

1- Getting a Turkish Tax Number: You will only need your original passport for this step. You can obtain this number online or from any tax office in Turkiye.

2- Open a bank account: You will need a Turkish bank account to make the money transfer and have your receipt that proves your property purchase.

3- Purchasing Property: Purchase a property in Turkey worth at least $400,000 from a Turkish real estate developer or a property seller. The property can be residential, commercial, or land, but it must be in compliance with the Turkish laws and regulations.

4. Application Submission: Submit your application to the relevant authorities, namely the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. As of September 2023, the required documents for the application include a completed application form, a copy of your passport, four passport-sized photographs, and a copy of the title deed.

5. Background Check and Evaluation: The authorities will conduct a background check on the applicant to ensure that they have no criminal record. Additionally, the property will be evaluated by the relevant authorities.

6. Approval Process: Once the background check and property evaluation are completed, your application will be reviewed by the authorities. If all requirements are met, you will receive a decision regarding your application.

7. Invest and Hold: During the application process, it is important to keep the invested amount in the property and not sell or transfer it for at least three years from the date of the citizenship application. After three years, you are free to sell the property if desired.

8. Citizenship Certificate: If your application is approved, you will receive a certificate of Turkish citizenship, allowing you and your family members to enjoy all the rights and privileges of being Turkish citizens.

Documents required for Turkish Citizenship by Investment: 

  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of your investment
  • Turkish Tax number
  • Evidence of no illegal residency in Turkey 
  • Proof of tax and fees paid for the application 
  • Criminal background of each applicant 
  • Birth certificate for each applicant 
  • Biometric photographs for each applicant 
  • Marriage, Divorce, or Death certificate (if applicable) 
  • Valid Turkish health insurance for each applicant

Important Note: document requirements are different for each applicant, nationality, and investment type.

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